Help me! Get revenge on my stupidly pathetic daughters. Blow harder winds and thunder louder to make me deaf! Blow so hard your cheeks pop and crack! Make sure you destroy the mountain and aim at my white baling head! Destroy everything ahead of you with your electric machine. Rip away trees and roofs , […]

Dear Cordelia, I am writing to you to apologize for my stupid reaction of banishing you , my dear daughter. I have been such a fool as now I realize that Regan and Goneril were being very deceitful and unloyal right in front of me ! The worst thing is that they have overthrown me. […]

King Lear “So let’s see who shall get the land.” The king gets a map and explains what and how much land they will be dividing. “We shall be fair on who loves me and their price. Goneril you shall now speak.” Goneril

The king proudly walked into the main room with his royal red jacket , his golden crown and his navy blue expensive trousers. He was impressed  as he was staring at his three daughters as they were for the first time in a very long time wearing pink dresses each one different from the other. […]

  William Shakespeare was born in the Shakespeare family house in Henley Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. His actual date of birth cannot be known as at this time in England birth certificates were not produced, however his birth date can be guessed due to high mortality rate of infants. It is believed that he was born […]

Old Trafford , July , 2016 King Lear: So as you know today we are here to see who loves me the most. Of course the one that loves me the most will surely be the new owner of this amazing stadium of the Red Devils. So who would like to start? Cordelia: me! me!s King […]

I will be doing my essay based on the play of King Lear. As you may know its about three sisters getting land as a reward of their love towards him. The sisters exaggerate their love in the fight for the most land. They use very effective sentences to explain their love. This paragraph is […]